September 12- October 17, 2020

Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
Masks required, social distancing and all NYC guidelines in effect.

STATIC APNEA is available for installation. Please email Erica Laird for more info and rates!

Conceived &
Directed by Christopher McElroen
Text by Christopher McElroen &
Julia Watt 
Installation Design: Troy Hourie
Lighting Design: Zach Weeks
Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen

Performed by: Isabella Pinheiro & 
Jenny Tibbels

Press Contact: Ron Lasko, Spin Cycle

Graphic Design: Jamie Brewer

Production Manager: Neal Wilkinson
Technical Director: Carl Whipple

Special Thanks: Lucien Zayan and the team at The Invisible Dog, Frank DeFalco, Adam J Thompson, Tyler Van Gundy, the entire building of residents at 129 Boerum Place and the fantastic block of Bergen St between Smith & Court!

STATIC APNEA is presented in collaboration with The Invisible Dog Art Center. Lucien Zayan, Founder.

Static Apnea was first performed at the Performance Arcade, New Zealand (2017) Directed by Christopher McElroen, with additional text by Julia Watt and Andrea Goldman.

NY Times Critic's Pick
"fascinating to behold"

The discipline of holding one’s breath underwater, motionless - static apnea. Breath has been taken away. By a virus. By a knee. By the uncertainty. The struggle to restore it has rendered us motionless, collectively holding our breath. Do you know how long you can hold your breath? Would it be long enough to save yourself? Would it be long enough to save someone you love?

One audience member, surrounded by a tunnel of blue light, descends towards a single performer behind a wall of glass. In a 9 minute and 2 second performance – the female record for static apnea - this performative installation explores how far one might be willing to go to save a life.

Static Apnea is staged in a 40’ storage container that has been designed specifically for this production. It is open at both ends, has high powered fans and air purifiers to ensure proper air flow. Each audience member will be required to wear a face mask and a plexiglass wall will separate them from the performer.