Far From the Nile

World Premiere

Cairo International Film Festival '22 Horizons of Arab Cinema

Presented by Katsha films

in association with

the american vicarious

The Drosos Foundation

Gwaertler Stiftung Fund

Featuring the Nile Project Musicians

Mohamed Abozekry

Michael Bazibu

Nader Elshaer

Ibrahim Fanous

Saleeb Fawzy

Asia Madani

Adel Mekha

Kasiva Mutua

Ahmed Omar

Dave Otieno

Steven Sogo

Selamnesh Zemene

For more information please contact elaird@theamericanvicarious.org

Far From the Nile is a new documentary by Egyptian American filmmaker Sherief Elkatsha.


Elkatsha follows 12 musicians from seven countries along the Nile River as they band together in an international coalition to fuse musical styles, rhythms, and languages in an attempt to highlight the water conflict along the river they share. As they leave their homes in Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, and Uganda to embark on a 100-day tour of North America, the film captures the challenges of collaboration across cultural lines. Despite their vast cultural differences, musical styles and competing egos, the artists must find ways to create and remain united in their cause.


"A world-changing documentary"..."A must-watch for any and all, providing a road map for finding the way to bring together our ultra-divided, hyper chaotic world."

" Far From the Nile turns into a true masterpiece, in the possibilities for a peaceful understanding between cultures it presents. And how it manages to show that in order to come together as different civilizations, we don't need to give up our identity, rather strengthen it and reinforce all that makes us unique."

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"Sherief Elkatsha has assembled a wholly entertaining, and often uplifting, documentary."..."The project is about finding common ground above all else, and watching the results flow is exhilarating."

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